Reduces Muscle Contractions Responsible for

Expression Wrinkles


Smooths out wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle contraction that happen when you make facial expressions. 


Stimulates the release of pro-endorphins for a revitalized skin.

Prevents & Corrects

Probiotic Lactobacillus and Bifida Ferment Lysate help prevent and correct the damage caused by urban aggressors including UV and pollution.


Botulinum Like Effect

Dipeptide Arginyl-Tyrosine reduces muscle contractions responsible for the appearance of expression wrinkles and stimulates the release of

pro-endorphins, providing a revitalizing effect in the skin.

Reduces Wrinkles

Hyaluronic Acid & Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate can penetrate into the dermis with an absorption rate of 36,2 %, 60,7% and 69,5% after 1h, 8h and 24h respectively. In 2 hours, the skin is deeply hydrated, and skin feels more elastic while softening the appearance of wrinkles and visibly increasing firmer-looking skin.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 (Matrixyl Synthe’6) stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces appearance, volume and depth of wrinkles dramatically.

Brightens Skin


Porcelain Flower revitalizes skin for a flawless radiant complexion.

Moisturizes & Protects


Powerful Antioxidant Squalane increases skin hydration, restores the lipidic structure of the skin and helps prevent the TEWL.


Glycerin, Natural Betaine and Vitamin E improve the skin's natural barrier, prevent moisture loss, and moisturize the skin.

What makes it unique: Progressively decrease muscle contraction frequency until total inhibition within 2 hours.

What kind of skin it is good for: For all types of skin with signs of aging.

What kind of concerns it is good for: Wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle contraction that happen when you make facial expressions.

Who it is good for: Women over 25 with signs of aging.

Texture: Velvety and lightweight.

Scent: Light and fresh.


Muscle relaxation resulted in fewer lines and wrinkles, smoother, brighter, and more lifted-looking skin.

Anti-wrinkle effect in just 8 weeks

  • -31% reduction in the volume of wrinkles

  • -16.3% reduction in the maximum depth of a main wrinkles

  • +28%  lifting effect increased

Increase in skin elasticity in just 4 weeks

  • +21,6 % increase in skin elasticity

Increase in the synthesis of matrix molecules

  • +105% increase in Collagen It

  • +104% increase in Collagen III

  • +174 % increase in Hyaluronic acid

* In-vivo and in-vitro tests on ingredients.

Effect on muscle relaxation

The variation of muscle contraction frequency with the presence of various products (Lipo-Arg-Tyr, positive and negative control) is studied with an in vitro model of nerve-muscle co-culture containing axons and neuromuscular junctions (BET, France). Contraction frequency is recorded and analyzed by computer processing.


A­fter cleansing skin, apply Neuropeptide Serum onto face and neck. Use in the morning and evening. The airless applicator technology protects the formula from air and light. It is designed to deliver the ideal daily dose of Neuropeptide Serum.